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Economic and Competitive pressures are increasing regulator, shareholder employee and customer expectations on organisations globally. In meeting these expectations, organisations can choose whether risk management is a compliance cost or an investment in competitive advantage and good corporate stewardship.

The Risk Wizard compliance software can be easily configured to support your unique compliance framework, whether your organisation is private, public, not for profit or a government agency.  Its flexibility enables you to manage any type of compliance obligation at the same time, for example, it is ideal for monitoring regulatory, contract, project, environmental, community and internal obligations as and when they fall due.  The system also supports the key elements of AS 3806 compliance programmes: Culture, Structure, Operational, Implementation and Maintenance.

The uncomplicated nature of the software removes any user resistance and with simple web browser access there is no IT footprint. The software also benefits from a unique combination of reporting features, toolsets and automated work flow techniques that put you totally in control.

The Compliance Management product can be purchased on its own or bundled at any time with the Risk Management and/or Incident Management products to obtain a seamless integrated governance solution that saves you time and money.

You may choose to host the system or have Risk Wizard host it instead.

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