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RWR’s ethos is driven very much from what is right for a client at its particular stage of development. Often, the most important question to ask when considering improvements to current practice is: what do you want to achieve from a business perspective? before embarking on any form of process or tools review

Software tools should be used to facilitate new processes, or to improve the efficiency of existing processes. When used in tandem with good business change-management and executive sponsorship, the implementation of a new software tool can also deliver a step-change in business practice. There are many different solutions available in the market, and an equally large number of ways of buying them; this presents buyers with a lot of choice, which can be helpful but also confusing. We believe that as well as being clear on a client’s purpose before starting to engage, it’s always good to test any software solution with a real issue to see whether it is fit for purpose. Money spent at this stage can greatly reduce the risk of overspend at later stages.






Helen Vaughan, Director, RWR Associates Ltd